Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY projects

I was planning to do a bunch of DIY projects before my son was born. but I wasn't able to do much. The excuse is that I was busy doing other things or I wasn't feeling so great with my big tummy. Then my son was born. Of course I didn't have time, even less than before!  But I barely made a topponcino with my textile: make a wish/ lavender before he was born. I loved it but I was using it almost everyday which made it so flat and not puffy anymore. It's almost out of his size already:( Another DIY project I did  for him was his tiny reversible hat. My family got invited to our friend's daughter's birthday party which was at a park so we definitely needed his hat. We couldn’t find any hats at stores because his head was too small.  So I decided to shrink a baby hat pattern to 70% and sewed it real fast while my husband was taking care of him. The hat was still too loose at the party which fits perfectly now. I want to find some more time for my DIY projects! I wish I had one more set of hand lol