Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautiful Garden

If you are a garden lover, you must go to Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. I'm a huge fan now. It is such an inspirational and wonderful place!! I was so amazed the whole time there. The beautiful collections of succulents and tillandsias are beautifully displayed and made me want to decorate my house with a lot of plants. There is also a Ritual Coffee Roasters bar, so I was hanging out there for quite a while... I tried arranging my own Aerium. It came out pretty cute and I'm very happy with it :)  I also bought the cutest succulent I've ever seen ;) I will share more about it to you later. My photos are not good enough to tell you how amazing the place was......
You must check this place out!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Tohoku lacquer-craft

I would like to introduce one of the great things about Tohoku, the place I grew up. A few months ago, my mom visited me in San Francisco. It was such a short stay but we had a great time. She brought a beautiful broach for me which she got in Aomori ( one of the prefecture in Tohoku) . The broach has a lacquer-tree sap finish and its a Japanese traditional craft which is called Tugaru-nuri.  Tugaru-nuri lacquer work from Aomori has always been near me growing up, I love the beauty of lacquer finish look and the power of natural materials. Also I feel very strong spirits of the craftsmen of these. I appreciate Japanese traditional  craft even more since I moved to America...

It's been already 2 years since 3/11 (Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami). I won't forget it and I will continue to do my best to support them.